What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Re: What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

Ceistinne wrote:

fusoexplorer & Pranza + Human Elements,

Re. my earlier note, I did not realise that the DP Merrills had 640 x 480 (30 fps) video since I've never had nor seen one.

My SD1 Merrill does not have video for sure.

Anyway the Merrills both DP & SD have proved themselves as excellent cameras and I see no need for posts from relatively new posters denigrating them. They have been used by many of us to make amazing pictures over the last nine years and are still doing so.

I look forward with great hope to the coming Full Frame Foveon and have no interest in video.

Sigma's fp & fp L are their video tools.


Hi. If you mean me. I am not a relatively new poster although I don’t post much. I have had my Merrill’s for 3-4 years. 😀 and love them ❤️ and like Sigma the company as well.

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