What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Re: What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

Scottelly wrote:

fusoexplorer wrote:

I think many have come to expect that modern cameras have high ISO abilities and video. If Sigma is concerned about the foveon sensor not working too well with high ISO above 400 in color and 800 in B&W why don’t they just eliminate the ability to go above 800? And why don’t they just eliminate video altogether?

They did, with the DP Quattros. No new Sigma camera has done video for years, until the fp, and the fp does video beautifully. It does high-ISO beautifully too. It even does still very well, but not as well as the Quattros, until you get to about ISO 800 or 1600 and higher.

The biggest problem with the Merrills in my opinion is their speed of operation. They actually do high-ISO reasonably well, though my Nikon D810 does it better. I do like the images from my Sigmas better than what I can get from my Nikon though, except when I'm shooting portraits with my 85mm f1.4 G. That lens is so good that it helps make up for the sensor's shortcomings. I think the Sigma cameras need great lenses too, of course. Ultimately, I would like a Sigma with a full-frame Quattro, offering me 48 MP images, with the color and detail fidelity I have come to expect from my SD Quattro H. I don't think a 20 MP per layer full-frame camera can do that, but I would give such a camera a try, even if I already have the 60 MP fp-L and a Sony A7r IV by then.

I would probably not step back to 20 MP, if I am already shooting with a 100 MP Fuji GFX100S by the time the full-frame Foveon arrives.

Years ago when I bought a camera you would pick a film to put in the camera and it was generally 50-100 iso sensitivity. Occasionally I would buy a 400 ISO film. And for video which I didn’t buy or use it wasn’t even a thought about a combined camera because it didn’t even exist.
Why aren’t they going retro with a camera with a limited ISO no video but have a incredible full frame or even medium format foveon sensor?

I think they are, but it's taking time to make that incredible full-frame sensor.

Would people buy it?

Sure, if the price is right.

I certainly would. Although I use video now I have other cameras that I use for that. High ISO doesn’t bother me. I want the highest detail sensor for photography with the foveon look with in body stabilization. To me I think people would enjoy a simplified camera that is a pure photographic experience without the extra complexity.

And finally, my Sigma Merrill’s have video capability that is so poor I am sure nobody has ever used it. I think it is silly to add something to a camera that will not compete with other cameras. To me it just looks bad and a deal breaker for some to buy a camera. I know why they added it for marketing. But with a new Foveon camera it would be nice for them to eliminate any weak spots like this example.

"But with a new Foveon camera it would be nice for them to eliminate any weak spots like this example."

With that sentence are you still talking about the video feature in the DP Merrill series?

yes I was still talking about the video

Obviously you didn't know that no Quattro camera could do video. BTW, the SD1 Merrill couldn't do video either. Besides, I don't think video capability is what's holding up the development of the full-frame Foveon.

You are correct. I did not know that they eliminated video in these cameras.

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