Leica CL vs. D-Lux 7 Image Quality

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Re: Leica CL vs. D-Lux 7 Image Quality

I have a Nikon D850 and the LX100ii but I have not used the CL. Buying the LX100ii which is very close to a Lecia D-Lux has changed my perspective on "how good is good enough". I also thought about a CL and thought I would comment on my decision process.

In practical terms, owning the LX100ii has made me think more carefully about when I need the extra resolution and other capabilities of the Nikon D850 (and by inference, a slightly larger camera like a CL). On similar subjects that don't need a particular focal length available only on the D850, without pixel peeping I generally cannot tell the difference between the two cameras.

The Leica CL should give you a little more resolution than a D-Lux at higher shutter speeds.  But will it be enough to matter?  Pixel peeping is fun, understandable and a guilty pleasure but is not that useful in evaluating overall image quality. Because of the dynamics of visual acuity a photo that seems sharp on my Mac Retina will look sharp (at normal viewing distance) blown up to almost any size. I find the LX100ii to have very impressive image quality. For about 50% of my images I find the Lx100ii more than good enough vs. the Nikon D850.

The D-Lux has image stabilization, the CL doesn't. IMO a small camera's purpose is to enable shots that are more ad hoc, and image stabilization directly addresses that use.

Phrased differently, IMO if I purchased a CL, I would still want to keep my LX100ii for the IS and convenience.  So the CL gives me not enough capability to matter.

All that said, image quality is subjective. You should absolutely take your dealer up on his offer to let you take comparison images. I would also suggest you evaluate the image as a whole without pixel-peeping. Or at least, weight the overall image more important in your evaluation than the peeped-pixels.

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