EF extender stacking

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Re: EF extender stacking

J.K.T. wrote:

Improving the odds is indeed another good reason to stay with Canon ... though with FDn the electrical compatibility is less of an issue.

Kenko had something better in some ways, electrically, than Canon for a while. They introduced the DGX series of TC several years back, and it worked well with existing DSLRs like the 7D and 6D that I had at the time, not only being electrically compatible, but if placed between a reporting TC and the body, it gave correct EXIF for both TCs combined! It also allowed for use of all AF points with f/8 total optics, on cameras with f/5.6 AF limits. Sadly, when I got my 7D2, it crashed the camera, and did not work either with the 90D or the R5. That TC was magic back in the day, and still is with most or all the older f/5.6-AF-only DSLR bodies.

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