Experiences with Various Nikon F Lenses on GFX Steelsring Adapter

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Re: Experiences with Various Nikon F Lenses on GFX Steelsring Adapter

BaldEgo wrote:

enigmatico wrote:

Tip 1: Don't use the lens hoods. Tip 2: There will inevitably be some vignetting that has to be cropped out, but the lens sharpness and rendering on the two lenses I have specified, work very well for me.

The lenses you listed are not particularly wide aperture, so you may find greater success with them.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'll keep those tips in mind. I'm starting to lean more towards selling the all of the Nikon AF lenses and concentrating on using native lenses, older manual focus lenses, and possibly a few of my leftover Canon EF lenses but I still have lots of time to decide because I'm not planning on buying a GFX 100s until next fall anyway.

Don’t forget that any non-native lenses you adapt onto the GFX will need to have an aperture ring. The alternative is to find a “smart adapter” with electronic contacts, which are hard to find and can be expensive. Its hard enough to obtain simple or “dumb” adapters for the GFX bodies where I live.

Never by a non-native lens for the GFX without testing it first or reading reviews. Some of them are truly un-useable and I haven’t found any logic to determine which might work and which don’t.

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