Leica CL vs. D-Lux 7 Image Quality

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Re: Leica CL vs. D-Lux 7 Image Quality

Jim in NV wrote:

First time poster but long-time reader.

I currently use a D-Lux 7 as my travel camera and sometimes for street & automotive photography. I also use a Hasselblad X1D-50C for landscapes and anything that would get printed. Have a Nikon D810 for my real estate, automotive, and night sky work.

I've generally been happy with the D-Lux 7. The images are sharp, color is good, and it's easy to use and carry around when travelling. Most of the images get posted online.

Lately I've been considering a CL with the 18-56mm lens. The main reasons for changing are the bigger APS-C sensor and the ability to use different lenses. I have an Elmarit-R 35mm f/2.8 that could be used with an adapter, although it would have a 50mm equivalent on the CL.

Looking at CL images online (FWIW) I'm not totally convinced the image quality would be that much better to make the change worth it. Like the D-Lux 7, these images would also mainly be posted online.

Has anyone used both of these and compared the image quality? My Leica dealer here in Las Vegas has said I could come down to the store and take some shots on a CL with my own SD card. I could then take them home and process them on my own PC & software. I'll be doing this in the next week or so. Pretty nice of them I think and they just may get a sale.

Meanwhile, let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Thx.

Aloha, there is no doubt the CL + Leica Lenses will out perform the D-Lux7. The difference is portability plus costs..If the cost is not an issue & portability is within your guidelines - it's a no brainer.. In fact I have a CL and couple of Leica lenses in a Cart as we speak, my issue is, I already have enough photographic equipment to satisfy all my requirements.. The purchase would be a purely "Want not Need" addition.. L

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