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Re: smartphones vs cameras

Groot wrote:

fuego6 wrote:

I'd love to agree with you - but just cannot in this case. Not many folks outside of China are going to purchase a xiaomi mi 11 ultra... the price is too high, it is a huge camera and not weighted well, doesn't come with Google Apps out of the box AND lets' be honest - doesn't appeal to the masses (ie: it's not an iPhone).

*I does come with Google out of the box if you buy the Global version.

Sure - it *seems* to have a great camera capabilities though still seems to have some issues like any other smaller sensor camera - but at almost $1500 USD - the Samsung and Apple varieties are going to BLOW it away in terms of sales - even with inferior camera capabilities (though not inferior in all ways of course).

Anyway - I enjoy the discussion!

Personally I ordered the Chinese variant since installing Google services takes 5 minutes and the price is much lower. 1100 USD for the 256GB version, 1200 for the 512GB version.

That's great for geeks. I'll be 80 this year and when I contacted an Android Guru in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I lived he said he could not get Google Mobile Services on my Huawei p40 pro.

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