What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Re: What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

why should they come up with something “new” if no one has caught up with the “old” yet? they also had to drop the price fivefold even then... to sell the SD1.
what would the fool frame solve here? does it have something so special compared to an aps-c? the main issue with foveon is some funky colours, would that be solved with even larger sensor?

medium format gives quite a different look, but here we have a problem: even now there is no medium format in digital, all are larger or smaller crops. some digital backs are hardly larger than a fool frame - to fool you up. they still don't build large bayers for some reason.. all this “advancement” is a hoax - putting in features no one needs, night vision of all likes but under nooo circumstances making a large sensor! a night is dark, shadows are dark. why would one want to change that? only to get stupid looking pictures!

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