Cannot restore colours after converting the negatives.

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Re: Cannot restore colours after converting the negatives.

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I think without knowing exactly what software you’re using to invert the image it’s hard to provide more than general assistance. For example if you just invert a colour negative then the orange film base will give an output which is overly blue (I.e. not like you’ve got)

Thank you.

The software I use for inverting the colours is Photoshop & its ACR. I shoot the negative with Sony a7's RAW format. So, I invert the file in ACR and adjust the RGB colours and, if needed, adjust more in PS.

I have been trying for 6 months to get a digitized and colour inverted image with a normal looking of colous of the image, but still do not know how to achieve this goal after trying different light source settings.

The prevailing colour tone is either greenish or bluish or yellowish. I know it has something to do the light source but do not know exactly what.

Thank you.

Many are telling you the same thing that it is a common problem that others have tried with much manipulation or limited success by trying to manually invert and correct for the orange mask. Some software programs like those included in some flatbed scanners and other packaged software processors have mathematically determined the correction to eliminate the effects of the orange mask. Good luck to you in doing it manually.

Thank you, Mamallama.

What you are saying is that success of inverting colours manually is little, one out of ten thousand, maybe. A sheer luck.

Trying to do it by intuitive adjustments is difficult and is mostly a hit and miss approach. However poster blaland on this thread has come up with a manual approach that uses the white balance feature of post processing programs. You might look it up here as it does seem like a logical approach.

Before I started my DIY digitizing venture, I watched many Youtube videos. What lured me into this trouble was :

1. Many people are disappointed by the results of negative scanners, even the expensive ones.

2. People give up scanners & do their own DIY scanning & happy with the results.

I believe now that it can be successful with enough knowledge and technology. I have neither.

Thank you.


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