Affordable wild life camera combination.

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Yes, I know this type of question has been asked many times before. So, a thousand apologies for that. But, post-covid, as I am wanting to get walking again, and would also like to plan in an owl photography trip to Finland next year I have been looking into options for an affordable (for me) wildlife set up that would cater for dragonflies to owls and to birds in flight (feathered and metal). I am not averse to buying used kit.

I have long been a fan of bridge cameras and like the Sony RX10iv as a consideration, and an obvious upgrade from the Panasonic FZ200 I currently use for most photography that I do. Two mirrorless options would be the Fuji X-S10 plus new 70-300 lens or Sony A6400 plus 70-350 lens. I would love the 100-400 lens but cost and size would probably be factors that would prevent their purchase. Maximum budget £2000/$2800/e2320.

I would appreciate any thoughts and experiences on my possible choices, or alternative options not considered. Thank you for reading this. Stay safe and well. John

On a FF sensor you probably can go up to 6400 ISO with acceptable image quality and on an APS-C sensor up to ISO 2200.

FF is app. about 1EV better, so if you feel ISO 6400 is the limit, on apsc would be roughly 3200. I have set max ISO 6400 on my A6400, which is still acceptable for me. Good RAW software can help a lot for even higher ISO.

Around 1.5 EV, not my opinion, just looking at measurements.

Will you be photographing owls at the end of the day? Will you need 300 f2.8? In May/June maybe not.

The Sony 70-350 has good minimum focusing distance so should be good for dragonflies but is 350 f6.3 so equivalent to a 525 f9.5 in FF, which may be limiting if you need 1/1000 - 1/2000 and want to stay below ISO 2200.

It's true only for background separation comparison, so you statement is not valid, f6.3 is f6.3 on both FF and apsc, no shutter speed difference there

Not true. The f-number is a ratio, for the same light the entrance pupil must be the same. E.g 2200 ISO, 100mm f4 in APS-C or 6400 ISO 150mm f6 in FF with the same shutter speed and pixel count will produce the same results.

You wrote, that f6.3 can be limiting for higher shutter speeds on apsc. So I responded, that there is no difference. If you manually set f6.3 and 1/1000ss, your both FF and apsc cameras will set the same ISO in autoISO mode. Yes, apsc will be slightly noisier and less background blur, but hardly a serious limitation. Wildlife is due to better reach commonly shot on smaller formats m4/3 (2× crop) or 1"(2.7 crop), so really not a problem on bigger apsc.

For birds often 500 or 600 (in FF) is needed, or even more, so there is no easy solution for birds in flight.

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