Why exactly do large sensors have more dynamic range

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JimKasson wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

...you'll need to stop down about one more stop with the GFX than you do with the a7RIV to get the same DOF.

Do the test, Greg.


Ummmmmm. grumble grumble. Jim .... Ughhhh....

In my opinion, not true vs my Leica Q2, which is high-res FF.

If you're looking at 100%, the Q2 pitch is 4.3 um. The a7RIV pitch is 3.76 um, which is the same as the GFX 100 and GFX 100S.

To my eye it is way more than 1 stop.

Do the test.

The differences in DOF at my shooting apertures and in the wild is pretty hard-hitting on my eyeballs and although uncalibrated, my eyeballs have convinced me that it is more than 1 stop.

Do the test.

But I'm actually starting to like my GFX lack of DOF in a way. I don't crave it like Chris and Manzur, but there is no DPR rule that says I have to try to get every pixel in my frame in sharp focus just because I spent a lot of money on those pixels. 😁

Let it be Written ... Let it be Said.

To the Great Unwashed Masses: Oh that my eyeballs were calibrated electronic testing mechanisms so I could donate them to science when I go.... That way we would discover the scientific explanation of why it is more than one stop difference.

But hopefully, by the time I kick the bucket, the scientists will have figured it out and my unproven theorems will have been proven. The Posthumous Nobel goes to....

I hope that's a long time from now.

What would you guys do without me?

Higher SNR.

Priceless or at least worth a fox Talbot stash.

Reminds me a bit of a colleague a few years ago who was asked at work to sum up our work as intranet content editors in one sentence. He replied pithily :

ctrl-c, ctrl-v.

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