Advantages NX500 over NX300.

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Re: Advantages NX500 over NX300.

Fizo82 wrote:

Kisaha wrote:

I have to agree. The nicest jpgs are coming from the NX3* cameras. NX30/300/3000.

But for a complete and more modern package NX1/NX500 are unbeatable. Resolution/Video AND autofocus, plus some other goodies.

I agree on the good of the Nx1/500, but for me personally who shoot only portrait and street, the 300 n 3000 is sufficient, I'm not a video guy, but i don't know why nowadays if i want to shoot casual video like family and friends stuff, i will just use my iphone, those stabilisation and auto hdr on iphone are so good.🙂

My friend just lost a couple of hundreds because of that. He thought would be doing just that, but the ghosting and flaring of the latest iPhone are just off the charts. Funny thing, you do not see that mentioned on most reviews!

He is selling it for 200€ less now, same day he bought it..

..and of course the the quality of video of an NX500 is nothing like a phone video, let's be serious about it! If you put the cheap 30mm or the 45mm you can get outstanding video.

Stabilization is a bit overated in my opinion, I have a DJI stabilizer for professional use and I have never used it, quite honestly, optical stabilization is just fine most of the times, if you know what to do, but I guess this is for another forum.

The NX3* cameras are excellent, but also with a lot less advanced auto focus, and you want that on street photography or taking pictures of kids (that is why I stopped using the NX3000 altogether, now is collecting dust somewhere in the house!).

NX300 is an amazing camera for sure, great build quality, except the known dial issue, which is quite annoying to be honest (and the known issue with video! With a better codec your iPhone would have nothing against a good ol' 1080p!).

What lenses do you use? The PZ has great optical stabilization for the price.

If only the 45mm had any stabilization..

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