Card prices are crazy

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Re: Card prices are crazy

bernie r wrote:

Wesley on DPR wrote:

Even a fast UHS-I SD card is still plenty usable for non-burst photographers because the R5 has a large buffer so a "slower" UHS-II works too.

Erm what? Buffers are based on the data being written from the sensor onto the memory card, not sure how fast the ram and processor are on the camera itself though but that will account somewhat for it. if you use a slow card, your buffer will obviously fill up faster, and if you're buying an R5 not to do video at all or not even take 12-20 fps, why are you buying an R5? You could get very similar results with a significantly cheaper camera, the appeal to the R5 is the wildlife capabilities, megapixels, fps and video.

Sure you can get one for just taking pictures of people which wouldn't necessarily require a 'faster' card but again, if you're spending $4200 on a camera why are you complaining about the prices of a memory card? Just get an R6 so you don't have to pay the prices of the CFExpress...

There's absolutely no need to add unnecessary expenses if it's not hindering one's workflow. The buffer is large enough that I never fill it. Fast UHS-I SD is 70-80MB/s and for reference, 12fps RAW took about 11-12 seconds until slowdown so it's way more than I'll ever need.

Landscapes, portraits, commercial work, weddings, etc. doesn't require 12+ fps but the extra MP and better build quality is a positive.

I've had clients ask if a landscape oriented shot can be made into a portrait and I would sometimes crop landscapes and photos of nephews for better framing.

Also the price difference for a UHS-I and UHS-II SD is still 3-4x more expensive so someone getting a R6 to use at it's full capability would still spend a costly amount on SD cards.

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