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Re: A1 temptation, so...

After a few days with the A1 I can say this:

The comments here to keep the A7riv and trade my A9ii proved to be excellent advice due to the kind of photography I enjoy and I appreciate those that did.

I like bird photography and the bird eye AF takes it to another level over the A9ii.  The images are as rich as the A7riv.  The AF is faster than the A9ii and stickier.

I haven't had any issues with the camera and I have used several lenses in it including the 16-35 GM with no issues.

For portraits and landscapes, Rotary meetings and church socials I will put a prime on my A7riv and be perfectly satisfied.

But if birds are flying or balls are in the air then the A1 is clearly superior.  The ability to shoot in APS C mode with the A1 and still have plenty of room to crop and retain a 4k image makes it hands down more usable than the 9ii to me.  I shoot small birds.

For the time being I stop my ISO at 8k for the A7riv, but can go 12,800 with no trouble on the A1.  So better in low light.  To me, a tie with the A9ii.

I needed a back up camera.  The A1 is the best camera I have ever owned across the board.  For image quality in decent light the A7riv is as good as any I have ever owned and I already owned it.   So with this advice I kept it.

I used to fish all the time and bought many boats over the years getting to my 72 years of age so the price of an A1 is relative, and in comparison to what was, in terms of a hobby.... cheap. 😁

The A1 exceeds my needs and satisfies my wants and buyers remorse has never shown up.  I don't know what else to say.

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