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Re: You have to ask yourself

cameranutmuzz wrote:

i thought that I should share my opinion on four thirds sensors is because of the continuing pressure for all photographers to upgrade to larger sensors.[1] Being a smaller sensor, it's easy to suggest that larger sensors make better photographs. This is simply not true. [2]

If it is a great photo, it doens't matter what sensor size the camera had. Any resoluton problems can be cured by relatively cheap additional software. [3]

The flexibility of light-light-weight and superior lenses or four thirds system makes a great camera system. [4]

1/ Seriously, what pressure are you talking about? I think you are imagining this.

2/ It's easy to suggest anything. Let me give an example: I'm suggesting this is a silly thread. See? Easy.

3/ Who is suggesting otherwise? Don't bother replying because I don't care.

4/ This is a fallacious statement. Why are m4/3 lens superior? Certainly light weight is advantageous but I can give a list of m4/3 lenses that are optically inferior and a list of ff lenses that are optically superior.

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