Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

I believe that today's announcement of the new R3 reveals the future of the rumored 7DII successor R7: it's not going to happen.

Canon's APS-C sensor-based cameras began with the original 3MP D30 twenty years ago out of necessity; cost and development simply did not yet support a full-frame sensor body debut. Even after the release of their first full-frame body, the 1Ds, APS-C bodies continued out of necessity and predominated, even across other brands.

An APS-C "R7" simply does not fit anywhere in Canon's lineup. It is not necessary. It would be a black sheep. Fast, yes. But the sensor? No.

The announced R3 looks every bit like the speed-centric rumored R7... except in sensor size. The tech now no longer requires a smaller sensor to have blazing speed. I've said for years that the 7DII was essentially an APS-C 5DIII/IV that offered the benefit of speed made possible by the smaller resolution sensor.

Meanwhile, the M series remains fully APS-C. It is a very popular platform with vloggers, Youtubers, and travelers. The benefit is clear: small, lightweight and inexpensive. And for those who need it, there's even speed that still rivals and exceeds the 90D.

And so I'm calling it: the R platform is going to remain full-frame, while the M platform will continue to offer the advantages of APS-C. The announced R3 essentially is the successor, of sorts, to the 7DII: an "R7" in all but name. Now full-frame, it sits above the R5 in the product line rather than below.

We'll see.

The rumored R7 and R3 have almost no market overlap, unless the R3 is 83+ MP, but the cost would be prohibitive to many if that was the only way to get the pixel density and intelligent AF.

There is a huge gap in Canon's current offerings: no cameras with good pixel density that have intelligent tracking AF.  A 30 or even 45MP R3 will not fill that gap.

Before I bought my R5, I thought that I could make up for the loss of pixels-on-subject that I had with my 90D through an extra 1.4x of tele-conversion, but it turns out the the R5 is highly incompatible with many lenses and TCs, unless you use a Canon lens and only one Canon TC, which gets me nowhere with the R5's huge pixels, and the 400/4DO II, the heaviest lens that I am willing to carry around.  I need to use it at 1120/11 to get the quality I had with the 90D at 800/8, but 1120/11 crashes the lens and the IS bangs like a pneumatic power tool.  If I turn off IS, it will work with AF for a few seconds before giving a communication error.

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