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Sometimes, I wish we had thumb-sized ants in the UK, like you lucky folks in hot and tropical places. We have only squitty little ones that run about like demented, err, ants!

Over the years, I've developed a small sub-obsession in capturing good detail in single handheld macro shots of the little blighters. I generally find a spot where they're active, set up a radio-triggered, off camera, diffused flash (or two) nearby then fire away.

These were shot at 3x using an adapted Canon MP-E65 1x-5x f/2.8 lens on A7riv FF and then cropped fairly hard in post. A mono-pod and small Wimberley gimbal helped freely position the camera and steady it for focusing (by moving, not the focus ring - there isn't one).

I'm a bit bored with the limited "workable" poses such narrow DoF allows and my keeper rate is so low I'm not telling you what it is! But I keep going back for "quick sessions" as it's easy setup and access (garden), fun practice and I'm still chasing more pics of jaws actually *doing* something. I rarely get any of those though, and this morning was no exception. Next time...

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