MFT- give me more depth of field not less!

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Re: DoF, noise, diffraction

Happy Daze wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

Bearing in mind that minimum shutter speeds are restricted in video F32 will require 4 times the light of F16 and I'll only shoot at F16 if the subject leaves no choice. The diffraction on full frame at F32 will be significant and in all the years that I shot 35mm film I don't think I ever shot f32 so my knowledge is limited but I'd take a fair guess that there would be degradation.

the FF sensor has 4x the surface and for a given exposure captures 4x as much light as the 4/3 sensor. And, the image degradation due to diffraction at FF f/32 will be about the same as f/16 with a 4/3 sensor. So as I see it there is no advantage to either format when it comes to DoF and diffraction with regard to macro photography.

This is a myth. For the same field of view and entrance pupil f2 MFT 25mm vs f4 FF 50mm the same amount of light enters the camera but because the image circle of the MFT lens is smaller the light is more intense so exposure is higher. The inverse square law determines that the light hitting the full frame sensor which is 4 times the area is a 1/4 as bright. So there is no advantage to the light capturing capability of full frame sensors.

To the best of my ability to understand you, you’re actually agreeing with Messier, who is right by the way. 
If you are DOF limited, and I usually am, all formats perform the same in terms of noise.

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