Raw Video and Chroma Subsampling

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SmilerGrogan wrote:

Fantastic info. Thanks. I understand now why cinematographers do so much testing before they start shooting. There’s a lot of variables to balance.

As for processing, after reading some books on digital video I got the impression that almost all cameras shooting video perform certain amount of compression (I’m sure there are exceptions) and there are the video-only processes like black balance, coring, pedestal...

And then there’s apparently a miracle factor because I shot some narrative footage of a dystopian Earth alien invasion for a friend of mine with my C100 M2 and a Canon lens and it looks like it was shot at MGM.

I personally do a lot of testing before any new project.  Prototyping your look is the fun.

Most codecs in this end of the market are compressed, be they raw or not.

Sigma with their FP  recording to DNG is a rare exception. Arguably the 8 bit internal DNG is a form of compression.

Coring / pedestal / coring (Sharpness)  tend to be phrases you see in relation to live broadcast, whereas most workflows for narrative drama either forgo this (in RAW) or it's baked in with little user control.

Black balance (as opposed to black shading) can also be broadcast specific, but you do see this functionality on some cameras.  We're getting into the very much more esoteric video processes, that tend to make smaller differences.

Much great work has been done with the CXXX Canon's and it shows that lot's of things contribute to overall end result, not the least of which, the skill of the person pointing the camera.


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