Choosing A700 vs. one fo the A3XX or A5XX series

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Re: Choosing A700 vs. one fo the A3XX or A5XX series

I also like the A700 and A580. After, reading the email, I had to pull them out of the cases to handle and shoot them.  I wish Sony had updated them. I still like the pentaprism cameras. These a-mount cameras are just nice to shoot. The ergonomics and menu systems are much better than the E-mount Sony cameras. The A580, as rated by DxO, has an 80 rating, that's close to the A77II. I want to get a A77II someday. People are holding on to the good copies. I kick myself sometimes for not buying one new. I moved on to the E-mounts, because they were there and I had to find out. Sony wasn't going to give me copies. Darn! Besides, all the new glass is in E-mount.  I say, if you get new gear,  don't toss out the good old gear.  You can't look back, once it's all gone.  "You can't get that lovely feeling..any more when it's all gone.  B&M camera stores are extinct in my area, so I can't handle new models. No, Best Buy is not a camera store.

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