Well-engineered camera with a superbly smooth shutter

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Re: Well-engineered camera with a superbly smooth shutter

47872Mike wrote:

Thanks for your thoughts on the JPEG output. They make sense. In truth after 2 1/2 years, I'm still tweaking those profiles from time to time, or switching between them. I recently started using the Vivid one with the colour dialled down a little for most scenic shots. Skin tones are often a problem,

Vivid is not for my portrait shots.

whichever one I settle on.
I certainly don't claim to be any kind of master with RAW processing, but if there was a button in Silkypix (or anywhere else) which enabled files to be processed using an Olympus or Canon profile, that would be my starting point. If you have any general or specific suggestions that would help me create a RAW profile that would emulate either of those makers' looks, they'd be gratefully received!

Since I am happy with the Panny color, never try to mimic other brand's output. After GX7, basically Panny can keep me happy and RAW is no longer a must unless for very difficult lighting condition. Sorry can't help.

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