Sony restricting the 3rd party lenses?

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Re: Sony restricting the 3rd party lenses?

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My feeling is that it's not Tamron/Sigma using lame motors but rather Sony didn't tell them everything about the protocol.

Your "feeling"? Why? My feeling is that the AF motors used in the Sony GM lenses are actually much higher quality, which is a big reason why they cost more.

This is part of the recurring lens price debate, where there are two competing ideas:

1. Sony puts a massive price premium on their own lenses and then 'cripples' the third party lenses by a variety of means, such as contracts, withholding engineering details and software.

2. Third party lenses are targeting a different price point to Sony's GM lenses.

I am roughly 80% category 2 and 20% category 1. If Tamron chose to use the same high-performance AF motors in the GM lenses, added the GM functionality, hit the same IQ (not just sharpness) and used the same materials then I think the price would be very close to the GM lenses.

The idea that Tamron or Sigma could, if allowed by Sony, make a lens identical to a GM lens for sale at around half the price, is ridiculous. Prices are fundamentally determined by the product, not the marketing department. The idea of the all-powerful marketing department controlling the entire business is populist nonsense.

We on the outside are guessing and the only "hard" eveidence we can see as a line between Sony lenses and 3d parties are the 15 fps limit. But we don't know what it really comes from.

It could be that 3d parties don't design their lenses to go higher due to choosing a lower cost and lesser speed on appropriate parts.

It can also be that there are different versions of the E-mount protocol and that the 3d parties in the Basic Specification (as Sony calls it that they get) gets to run on a protocol version that can't sync at higher than 15 fps. But I am guessing wildly.

It would also make sense that 10 years ago, perhaps the upper limit was seen as 15fps which at that time would have seemed insane. Time and tech move on, perhaps the spec released to 3rd parties haven't. Time for them to hire some Sony engineers...

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