Well-engineered camera with a superbly smooth shutter

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Re: Well-engineered camera with a superbly smooth shutter

Evf is very personal matter. I had added a G85, which has a much bigger evf in native M43 format and uses a better quality OLED display, larger and better than that of EM10-II. TBH except for the friendly OLED evf, I feel no wow factor when shooting with the evf of GX7/GX85/G85 alternatively. YMMV.

If you shoot RAW, the color science should not be a matter unless we do the conversion with a non compatible RAW converter, or we do not have the skill to do it.

On SOOC JPG, if you will set aperture according to 0ev metering, and use a more flat profile like Standard or Natural, you might likely end up with a flat and nosier output.

I did my home testing on GX85. Upon zebra @105%, its first appearing means -2/3ev from ETTR rather than the usual understanding of white saturation at 105% (overblown). Therefore if you take zebra as the ETTR guideline, you will likely shoot with -2/3ev from ETTR. If following 0ev metering exposure, more under exposure would be expected (high contrast scene excluded). It appears to me that Pany is likely following the logic of Nikon on using a conservation approach on highlight to leave more room for shooter to operate in PP.

So, if we shall add that 2/3ev headroom for an optimal exposure, the SOOC output could be very difference. And if a more vibrant/pop output with least PP be wished, might also try Vivid Photo Style. Of course the JPG setting could make output even closer to your desired taste.

Not every Panny will be the same, e.g. G85 has a smaller headroom of 1/3ev. The following was a home testing on G85 on 0ev metering (#1 from the left), just before zebra set at 105% appears (#2 from the left) and two further shots with +1/3ev from pervious shot F.Y.I.:

In this test, +1/3ev after zebra first time appears will achieve ETTR (more headroom for RAW). In case of GX85, it will be +2/3ev... From the above, 0ev metering exposure will be on the underexpose side for noisier and more flat output.

Wishing the above might help to improve your GX85 SOOC output.

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