Makes me sorry Panasonic and Olympus didn't get it together properly.

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Makes me sorry Panasonic and Olympus didn't get it together properly.

I've shot around 1000 photos on this in the week since it was delivered. I have had a Panasonic GX85 since 2018 as well as several Canon DSLRs, after giving up on Olympus after a particularly disappointing E-PM2 experience (the incredible shutter shock camera). 
It always seemed as if this camera was going to be strong in each area the GX85 was not, and so it still seems after my first week with this, during which I've increasingly been hearing inner voices telling me Panasonic and Olympus just needed to team up properly. 
So...much of this is obvious, but this has a beautiful viewfinder where the Panny has a usable one, this produces super JPEGs where the Panny produces OK ones as long as you aren't shooting portraits. This has controls; dials, particularly, that operate smoothly and feel nice; the Panny has cheap, stiff-feeling dials. 
On the other hand, the Panny has a superbly-engineered shutter which feels as smooth and quiet as a leaf shutter, where the Olympus has a comparatively rough, jarring one which feels and sounds as though it really needs its electronic first curtain to minimise shock. The Panny has the more logical controls (and I learned the Olympus interface years ago through several generations of cameras), the less glitchy, finnicky interface, and the better AF. The Olympus's cute mini-OM-1 shape feels pretty uncomfortable to hold, even worse than the Panny's vaguely faux-Leica shape did when I first got it. 
There is probably lots more to say, including the fact that the Olympus has a slightly better sensor (I wasn't usually happy with the Panny above ISO 800, but this seems about as good as that when set to 2000 (which I think gives about 1250 or 1600, as Olympus tends to calibrate ISO a bit more optimistically than most manufacturers), but ultimately I would love it if the companies could get together and produce cameras as well-engineered as the Panasonic which took pictures like this, preferably with the EVF and sensor of this, too. 
I cherish the customisation options of this camera and already love it for its out of the box image quality. I am sure I will love the camera as a whole so long as I can get used to holding it. If I can't, I'll probably try an EM-1 or EM1ii.

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