Canon Pro-1000 I print 95% B&W, so...

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Re: Self-cleaning ink color use

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Canon Pro-1000 I print 95% B&W, so why are all the color tanks being depleted?

Is the printer just dumping the color ink into the maintenance cartridge?

I'll give 2:1 odds that the majority of the use of inks other than the two blacks, the gray, and the light gray is for self-cleanings: not "the printer just dumping the color ink into the maintenance cartridge" but the printer running them through the system to keep it from drying out / clogging.

The Pro-1000 is widely-reported to use a lot of ink for self-cleanings, the tradeoff being its excellent reputation for not clogging. The best data on Pro-1000 ink used for self-leanings that I've seen is from forum member panos_m (see, e.g., So even if your printer is not using any colored inks for prints, it is using them for self-cleanings.

As others have said, your printer is also very likely using some of the colored inks at least to neutralize the B&W.

When it tells me colors have run out, if I don't replace them, will the lines clog and I'll never be able to print in color?

I'm betting that if you don't replace the colors when they run out, the printer will simply stop printing; and if somehow you make it print again with empty ink cartridges, at some point that will burn out the print head.

This is exactly the scenario I assumed was going on.  I did have one print that stopped half way through today and I didn't see any color, but hey, I didn't use a magnifying glass.

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