Starling tracked by A6600

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Re: Starling tracked by A6600

dr jim wrote:

Just wait. By the time they're 50, they will all have carpal thumb syndrome and won't be able to tie their own shoes.

I don't know if this will help your ataxic thumb situation, but personally, I have all touch functions turned off. I'm a left eye shooter and I really don't want my nose making AF selections for me. So, I have a custome mode set to CAF, small flexible spot and the shutter slowed down to 1/1000. I really found tracking was pretty worthless with birds sitting in the canopy. I keep the AF point for the most part, in the center. (although I will move it for Sandhill Cranes, Egrets, Great Blue Herons and other really tall birds. For small birds in trees though, I don't worry to much about composition because I know shooting with the 70-350mm, I will have plenty of cropping to do in post where I can perfect the composition. Just my 2 bits

My problem with flexible spot is I always seem to have in a spot where I don't want it and am definitely not skilled in moving it quickly to where it should be.  I plan to force the issue by spending a few days with different configurations and see if I can train myself to be a bit more accurate.

As you have noted, a center single spot, holding focus with a half press and then composing has worked the best for me over the years, but not an option for tracking.  I really wish Sony would come up with a combination where you can half press on your subject with a small spot, that starts focus and tracking, and then let you fire away while the camera tracks for you.  Then cancel with the center button, but resume tracking with another half press (all of this can be done with your eye in the viewfinder as that is how I shoot 99% of my shots).

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