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Damming of the Colorado River created lakes Powell and Mead, which capture and store snowmelt from the Rockies for Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California. Decades of drought have seen the levels of both lakes fall substantially.

Is it really drought?

I've lived in Colorado since 1994, we had a drought for 5 years about 15 years ago, since then snowpack almost every year has been close to average or above, especially in the last few years. The last 3 winters have been record-breaking for snow.

The simple answer seems to be to say it's climate change, it's drought, but there is also a growing consensus that the Colorado River Compact was based on flawed projections that seriously overestimated actual river flow and most impacting -- seriously underestimated future water demand.

The Colorado water basin study from 2012 shows a fluctuating supply graph of the water coming out of the Colorado Basin, but the real devil in all of this is the ever-rising demand line the study shows.

I believe the ever-increasing water demand is the reason Powel and Mead can't refill. For some reason, the media keeps propagating the problem being some mythical drought.

There's nothing mythical about the drought the US Southwest has been experiencing for the last 20+ years.

The comments you are referring to were mine about Colorado, not the southwest.

Colorado just announced yesterday this winter was the snowiest in 37 years. Last year was the snowiest in over 20 years and the year before that was another record-breaker. (If this is the result of global warming, keep it coming!)

Almost our entire supply of water in Colorado and what we send down the Colorado RIver to the other 6 states and Mexico comes from snowmelt.

Those are the comments you are referring to. I'll say again - Hard to have a drought in Colorado when the last 3 winters have been record-breaking for producing water. If you can't reverse the draining trend of Lake Powel and Mead in 3 years of record-breaking volumes of water being poured into them, there is another problem.

These snowpack percentages are off the charts... these are not what you see in a drought, these are surpluses of water

Colorado has been sending huge volumes of water down the Colorado river to Lake Powel and Lake mead, where the F is it going???

It apparently isn't making it's way to Lake Powell or Lake Meade!

Lake Mead sits at just 39% full today. And Lake Powell, the river's second-largest reservoir, is just 36% full, according to an April water supply report.

Those figures above? That's frightening to say the least.

This article may provide some insight:

The snow water equivalent data seems inconsistent with the table above.

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