Fuji W3 2021 photos ( Crosseyed SBS RL)

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Re: Fuji W3 2021 photos ( Crosseyed SBS RL)

Yes, you have a very good combination for start enjoying VR (if the screen is 1440x2560 pixels - only Sony have 4k screens). It's necessary to install VR Media Player - 360° Viewer from Google Play store. This is the best VR player because you can enjoy both pictures and videos on normal 3D or VR mode, stored in different formats. Unfortunately, it does not execute slideshows with images from a folder and images must be launched one by one in order to be viewed.
- You can prepare your pictures to be seen in VR mode, with some
- It's important to not prepare the 3D pairs with exaggerated depth, especially the foreground should not be too behind the stereoscopic window! It's not a problem if stereoscopic window is violated!
- The pictures is better to be at maximum available resolution.

After 3D viewing mode is engaged, you need to manually expand images (with two fingers) to fill the viewing frames, or even more and to activate the Head Tracking function.

Does your phone support 4k video? I will send to you a small 3D video demo in 4k format and some pictures with good resolution.

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