Help....Nikkor 500 f4e wont focus

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Re: Help....Nikkor 500 f4e wont focus

simon2001 wrote:

Wahrsager wrote:

simon2001 wrote:

i used my Nikkor 500 f4e a couple of days ago and it worked, tried it today but could not get it to autofocus. It was bought new 18 months ago, latest version, so its not old.

Any ideas?

Is there some kind of lock that could have been accidentally applied, or a connection issue. Im hoping its not the motor. Manual focus is ok. Tried two dfferent camera bodies, same issue.


Does it do anything when you go to focus? Does the lens itself "beep?" Did you accidentally move the lens barrel switch to "Memory Recall?"

i hear a little clunk but then nothing. If I manually focus out to some random distance its the same i.e., it doesnt refocus, and I see no movement in the distance meter on the lens. I tried all the memory recall settings and no improvement.

Ths isnt an old lens, im really annoyed that it seems to be broken after less than 2 years and its been well taken care of. The only thing I do wth it that involves any signifcant movement is when I see a passing eagle from my condo I grab the camera/lens and pretty much sprint to my balcony to take pictures. Maybe this kind of movement is bad or maybe Nikon just arent making their gear as robustly as they should.

Nikon has a damage category "Sprinting with body/lens" - it's right up there with "impact damage"

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