SL2-S Low Light performance example

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Re: SL2-S Low Light performance example

excellent image and good low light performance!

But to put some salt to the enthusiasm here: A FF sensor camera is use(a very shallow DOF  is  part of its sales point), but for this image the aperture is closed just alittle bit close to the diffraction limit so that hardly any light is going through the lens and ISO 6400 must compensate that.

For me such an image could have been obtained with an iphone or a P&S DigiLux with a smaller sensor, smaller focal length (large DOF) and a 1.8 lens.  At the end the same amount of light would have been collected by the sensor at much lower ISO so the low ISO image of a smaller sensor would give the same noise, same scene, same DOF as the large sensor SL2-S at high ISO in the same situation.

IMHO this example does not reveal the benefit of the SL2-S. It raises the challenging question do I really need the SL2-S for obtaining the result or are there other tools giving us the same image with the same image quality but using a much smaller sensor format.

just my 2ct


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