Please, Fujifilm, give us a 2.4/60 macro Mk II with fast/silent AF and WR !

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Please, Fujifilm, give us a 2.4/60 macro Mk II with fast/silent AF and WR !


I think that I am not the only one who appreciates a lot the optically very impressing performance of this fine lens.

It is perhaps one of the the most versatile xf lenses, with Macro 1:2 (which is enough for 99,9% of Macro Photography) , it weighs only about 200 g, it needs not much space in your bag, it is solidly build, it has a wonderful Bokeh and at the same time the perfect Focal length for shooting portraits.

I love this lens a lot and if you use it with newer generation bodies with 24/26 MP TransX sensors, you will see that it is indeed very sharp and a joy to use.

even the in former times slowish AF performs much better in combination with newer bodies and is much more reliable.... but this wonderful lens merits some little upgrading.

if you like Macro photography, you might like the big and heavy 2,8/80 macro as well as the „always with you“ 2,4/60 macro lens.

BUT they don’t really compete with each other, they are two different types of lenses that have each their own group of users.

And now my wish in direction of Fuji Japan:

PLEASE give us a optically identical xf 2.4/60 Mk II - just with the following little modifications:

- Silent and faster AF

- focus limiter switch on the lens

-WR sealing

That‘ s already everything we need to continue to love this wonderful lens. Since modern bodies have IBIS it is not even necessary to make it bigger, heavier and more expensive by a OIS, the in-camera IBIS is far enough.

PLEASE Fujifilm, hear our wishes and go for an AF/WR/focus limiter upgrade of the famous 2.4/60 macro!

fujifilm showed already that they understand to make very good existing lenses even better by some little modifications - for example the modification of the xf 27 with now an aperture ring and WR - so it should be possible as well with the 2.4/60 macro!

I am sure a lot of people will go for the Mk II Version, because they need something else then the nearly 4x heavier, 2x more bulky, and more expensive (but optically phantastic) xf 2,8/80 macro.

Thank you in advance

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