camera settings for sport photography.

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Re: camera settings for sport photography.

Difficult to give exact settings not knowing specifically what camera you are using.

Use continuous AF and pick an AF area mode that allows you to follow and select the player you are trying to photograph.

I usually use the highest frames per second available.

You need a fast shutter speed but it can be dependent on the specific sport and level of the sport. 1/1000 is a good starting point, it can be lowed for youth sports and increased for college sports.

ISO will be dependent on your shooting environment. I have had to go to 10000 in some indoor venues but you might be able to shoot at 400 outdoors.

Indoors or outdoors under lights you will need a maximum aperture of at least F2.8

I usually shoot totally manual indoors or outdoors under lights. The playing environment is usually fairly consistently lit so establish a good exposure for the players on the court and use it the entire event.

I usually shoot manual with auto ISO outdoors during daylight. I can choose the shutter speed and aperture I prefer for the situation and let the ISO vary based on changing light conditions. Outdoors you can push the shutter speed higher with the natural light.

Indoors I always create a custom white balance for the venue. I like to use an expodisc or a gray card to set white balance. Set the white balance for players on the court. Outdoors even under lights I use auto white balance.

I shot some volleyball a few weekends ago. I used my Nikon Z6, using continuous AF and back button focus. I like Wide Area (S) for focus area. I set a custom white balance, shutter of 1/1000, at F2.8 with an ISO of 10000. That was the best I could do in the venue.

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