Sony RX100 M5A low light auto-magic not good

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Re: Sony RX100 M5A low light auto-magic not good

BuckyE wrote:

... I am hoping someone here who has experience with the RX100 M5A in particular can help me set some parameters that will somehow force the camera to not use an ISO that allows noise; that will force the camera to use a shutter speed that will allow me to hand-hold it without blurring, etc.

You must realize that something's gotta give when light is low. There's at least one way to fairly easily optimize your low light shooting: use M mode with the lens wide open and the shutter speed set to what you've established for yourself as the lower limit of what's reliably hand-holdable. Set ISO to Auto. If there's objectionable noise in the results under those conditions, it can't be avoided. In that case, use state-of-the-art noise reduction on RAW files.

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