Hiking daypack photography backpack?

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Re: Hiking daypack photography backpack?

CatchingTime wrote:

The Ajna is my go-to for plane travel; fits a 16" MBP, always fits in the overhead, can be stuffed under the seat when necessary (might have to remove laptop, etc.), checks most of your boxes. I don't know that the back panel is any different than the TIlopa, so your input on back panel breathability may be a 'sample of one' (i.e. the person didn't try a Tilopa also). Due to the design it would be tough to engineer one of the modern breathable backs, I guess the price you pay for the back panel access. The main drawback to F-Stop packs is the uni- sizing; if they fit you, they work great. If you are large or small, might not.

I'm a fan of their products, but I know many backpack-centric people deride them (mostly for fit).


Very, very true. Torso length for the F-Stop packs is about 18.5 inch. And because of the way they are built you can't be much larger or smaller, possibly an inch, that's it.

For me no Tilopa, one of my preferred packs, with my torso length of 21.5 inch the hip belt becomes a chest strap. That said, if they fit you they are great.

They don't need adjustable harnesses that weaken the packs, make them heavier and don't work anyway. They need different sizes, at least small, medium, large.

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