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K&F comment

A comment on K&F - they are into pretty packaging at a higher price and this seems to go down well on the “Western” market which sets a lot of store by packaging.

I have a few of their products and they work well and are well made.  But they are not paragons of precision as when I tested eight different brand LTM-M4/3 adapter which I wanted to buy in bulk to semi-permanently adapt these lenses to M4/3 mount it was one of only two (and the second most expensive) that did not get their flange focal distance right by exactly 1mm (quite a lot).  To their credit, when I complained they promptly refunded all my money.  The cheapest which were unbranded and came in simple plastic bags from Laos worked out at AUD$3.40 each and were perfect flange focal registration - as were five of the others.

RJ who often don’t even brand their product, comes in plain white cardboard boxes - is quite a lot cheaper and I have never had an issue with their product.

The cost of pretty packaging can add quite a lot to a product, but if it looks good then it must be good.  Then translates  into brand name respect and better margins.

I can recommend K&F myself and I only note that pretty packaging is of itself not necessarily the 100% indication of a perfect product.  But good, no questions asked, post purchase support is welcomed.  Consumers of course have to be honest as well.

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