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Re: Taking photos of the Moon and the planets - Beginner

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Hi All,

Taking into account that I already have a Fuji X 26MP APS-C camera and an Olympus M43 20MP, as well as excellent 1.4x extenders and a very good tripod (Gitzo), what should I buy with a maximum budget of $1000 to take high resolution photos of the Moon, Mars, Venus.....

- Tele lens? What focal?

- Refractor? What diameter? Doublet? Triplet? Apo or not?

- Reflector? What diameter? Which one?

Do I need a mount to compensate Earth's move? What kind of camera adapter? Do I need a 'Field flattener'?

I am 100% novice in astronomy, but a seasoned photographer. I like old manual focus lenses. Thanks.

Thanks to all for these interesting recommendations. (and more are welcome).

I have an additional problem I forgot to mention: the only room in my house (and outside, it is often very cold here in Massachusetts) that is great to take photos of the sky has a very (really very) flexible floor. Could I use the stabilization function of my Olympus E-M5-III?

I sincerely doubt it. Image stabilization in cameras (my Pentax K-3II has it too) is designed to compensate for human-induced motions. Vibrations transmitted from a flexible floor through a tripod may not be detected properly if at all by the accelerometers in the camera. And some cameras automatically turn off stabilization if they detect they are on a tripod.

But, if I may ask, are you saying you want to shoot indoors because it gets too cold outside?If you mean to shoot through a closed window, that is a big no-no. Too much distortion through the glass. If you mean to open the window and shoot through it, again a big no-no. Thermal currents from the warm air leaving the room will kill your detail much worse than any naturally-occurring atmospheric turbulence (which is bad enough).

You will just need to dress warm and brave the cold. Hey, I'm in Canada and I have no choice either. Remember, great artists suffer for their art.

I thought about opening the window of course, but didn't know about the air disturbance issue... thanks.

If you're serious, wrap up and get out there! I';m 82 and have been known to be out at 0º to set up, three leave the kit to do its bit! 🥶🥶

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