Affordable wild life camera combination.

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Re: Affordable wild life camera combination.

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PhotonBeam wrote:

I am not sure what is ideal for you, but I use Olympus for bird/wildlife photography. I find it to be a very enjoyable system to use.

Using United States prices, you could probably pick up an Olympus EM1 mkii and 100-400mm lens for your budget (or the 300mm pro if you are ok buying used and do not need zoom). You could also add a 1.4x teleconveter for extra reach. The combo would give you a similar field of view to 200-800mm on full frame (and up to 1,120mm with the teleconveter).

I use the 300mm pro and find it to be a competent setup.

Of course, there are also a number of other great options out there (DSLRs may be ideal if you want the best image quality to price the expense of a larger and heavier kit). Bridge cameras are not a bad option if size matters.

Happy shopping!

I found the EM10iv which uses the same sensor to be nice improvement over the RX10. Its the lenses that really help.

Yes, good lenses help, but even cheap lenses can work. Below are a couple from the $60 Olympus 40-150 f4-5.6 that I used before going on a spending spee (I mean... investing in good glass 😂).

I find that paying attention to the light is more important than gear. And, of course, some minor edits in post production can help bring out the best in any camera.

These were all taken with the EM5 mkii, which has the older 16 megapixel sensor. I find the camera to be quite nice, but it's poor CAF performance can make capturing birds in flight a challenge (I have gotten close). I have been casually looking around for a used Olympus EM1 mkii (or mkiii) to solve this issue, but I am in no rush 😃.

I saw a video review showing how good the 40-150mm lens is.  And while it costs more the the 14-150 is even better as you get near 150mm.   I plan on getting that lens to give it a try.  I hope the review is right.

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