R6 AF drives me crazy :/

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Re: R6 AF drives me crazy :/

R2D2 wrote:

Actually this scene IS complicated for the camera. Learn to recognize the factors that make AF difficult in a particular situation.

Then use the tools available to you that will maximize your chances of success.

Vegetation (esp vertical branches) love to suck in the AF. If Face/Eye AF is working (but jumpy), then lock your focus when it’s acquired focus. If it’s not working, then use Spot AF (and lock it).

AF works better the more light you have. Shoot in good light whenever you can.

AF works better if the face is illuminated by that light. Avoid underexposing also.

AF is still largely Contrast-based. The more contrasty the target, the better AF will be.

The camera also uses color to identify an AF target. The closer your target’s color is to other objects (incl the background) the more difficult AF will be.

Learn to judge your depth of field. AF on a better target, lock, and recompose when other methods are failing.

Fill the frame more whenever you can. The AF works better the larger the target is. “More Pixels Per Duck” doesn’t just apply to a finished photograph.

If you’re using the Shutter button for AF, then program another button for AF Lock (if you’re using Servo/Tracking AF).

Otherwise try Back Button AF (with Servo). Disassociate AF from the Shutter button.

I like programming the AF-On button for Face Detect, and the * button for Spot AF, but the choice is yours.

Try applying some of this for starters. Then as your success grows, you (and the camera) can tackle harder tasks like BIFs.

Best of luck to you!


Hi R2,

Great general photography advice.

How well does spot work on the R5? One of the things I like about the 7DII is its ability to focus on small subjects through obstructions.  I also like it for resetting my approximate focus distance when I'm quickly changing between near/far subjects.

I'm on the fence about upgrading to the R5. When I've read about the Eye AF, and sometimes AF in general going stupid, it makes me wonder if I'm in for as many headaches (most of which aren't germane to this subject) as benefits.


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