Shooting customers in a restaurant - UK

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Shooting customers in a restaurant - UK

Hi All,

I have a question about shooting customers in a restaurant situation - where I've asked them and they've given permission.

I've been asked to shoot a restaurant in London, and will be taking location shots, food shots, and also some shots while its busy with customers.

The images will be for their website, gallery and some for social.

We’ll put notices up on the day, and its agreed that I’ll politely ask everyone beforehand and get verbal consent to take a picture. No one will be photographed without being asked, and being ok with it.

Of course anyone who doesn’t want to, won’t be photographed.

What we want to avoid is asking all the patrons to sign release forms. We feel that as its for gallery / social use (not a big advertising campaign), that asking politely is respectful, but going up to them with forms will be a bit intrusive on their experience.

My question is this:

I know that release forms are good practice, but is it reasonable to expect that in the worst case scenario, if someone subsequently objects to being in an online gallery, all we do is take the image down when requested? We will have asked them on the day, and put signs up.

Although I want to avoid walking round with release forms for everyone, but will do if needed.

Does anyone have experience of shooting restaurants, bars or similar type places such as this?



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