NX500 lenses not working, please help

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Re: NX500 lenses not working, please help

james _ wrote:

i think it may be a characteristic of the unique 2d/3d ability of the lens that is changing your settings. i looked up a review of the lens, and here is a quote from Petapixel

"Immediately, once you begin shooting, the minimum aperture of the lens is increased to f/3.5, the field of view is changed to 16:9 and your resolution is decreased to 5.9 MP (on our NX500). You also lose the ability to control the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO of the camera. A ‘non-auto mode’ can be enabled, allowing you to control white balance and exposure compensation – nothing more."

so it sounds like it is normal for it to display F value only since the other settings cannot be controlled anyway.

it might be useful to Google not problems with the lens, but maybe simple reviews/overviews so you are more familiar with how it works. hopefully you will find out it is not broken and simply operates in a unique way.

if you continue to experience problems, i would try to contact the seller. they may be able to advise you more on how to use the lens, or you can request a return if you believe it to be faulty.

since the powerzoom is also not working, i would assume the 2d lens changes certain settings. sorry for asking a silly question, but have you tried simply changing the mode dial to try and kick it back to normal settings? otherwise you can try formatting your memory card and resetting your camera. if your powerzoom was working fine before, i would assume the lens is fine and something with the camera settings simply got changed.

He said he has the 2D version, not the 2d/3d version of the lens so your point is moot.

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