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Re: How to divide backpack to secure things from falling into ICU?

jacekf wrote:

For hiking backpacks, I was looking at the following:

  • Gregory Zulu 40 - I really like the TMP back, and seems I can put in an ICU without much of a fuss.
  • Osprey Atmos 50 - Seems like it can fit everything I would need and compress enough I can take it on an airplane
  • Mammut Trion Pro 35+7
  • Mammut Trion Pro 50+ - if this can get on a plane that would be great
  • Osprey Kamber 32

I don't want to star new topic so I'll just add another question here.

This is related to all backpacks with removable ICU (so all the listed above but f-stop as well).

Question is to those who have experience with them.

How do you manage to secure all the stuff that yu pack above ICU from falling/sliding ino/behind ICU?

Some backpacks have that bucket system (Shimoda X, NYA-EVO Fjord or Wandrd Fernweh).

That's easy, a lightweight packsack does the job. Or, in my case some plastic bags with different colors. Sometimes I use a strap to keep them together. The Trion packs have good compression straps, also at the top, because they are mountaineering packs and balance is important. Nothing moves in the pack.

Small and relatively important things are in a bag in the top lid.

Any bucket system will add weight too so overall it doesn't make a lot of difference. Some like a pack with one open space, others like all sorts of extra pockets.

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