Signa Art 105 E Mount Issue on a7Riii after firmware upgrade

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Signa Art 105 E Mount Issue on a7Riii after firmware upgrade

I would have created this thread in a Sigma lenses forum but couldn't find. Please forgive me I didn't look hard enough.. Anyway....

I broke the rule of not upgrading if something is not broken. Now I have an issue.

I upgraded the firmware on my Sigma Art f1.4 105mm E mount to version 2 and now I am intermittently getting lockups in the camera when using eye auto focus where the camera just freezes showing the last frame as I pressed the shutter with auto focus point illuminated etc for seconds. All buttons and controls unresponsive. So long is the freeze that the first few times I pulled the battery out to reset it (as I was shooting a client and didn't want them to suspect something was wrong).

When it happened on todays shoot I decided to wait instead and it eventually did a few flashed black and that picture a few times in the view finder and then seemed to come good again. It did it again seconds later and then not again for the rest of the shoot.

That's now the last two times I've used this lens it has done it. Both times since the firmware upgrade. I have done numerous shoots with the lens before with no issues.

The a7riii is on the latest firware. (3.10) The lens is the latest version (2).

I would normally just go to the website and select the old firmware and try and download and resinstall. Sigma's site, since having this problem, I've discovered is phenomally unhelpful on many levels. Hence why I am here, hat in hand asking for help/advice.

I will call the place I bought it from tomorrow and even though they are the Australian distributed I can't imagine I'll get much luck. I really hope I am wrong though.

tl/dr: has anyone else with this lens/body combo experienced any issues OR does anyone know how I can just downgrade the firmware (if I can find it, and I have looked) if that is even possible?

Many thanks in advance


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