Logan Canyon Utah Moonset -> Milkyway ->Sunrise

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Re: Logan Canyon Utah Moonset -> Milkyway ->Sunrise

CMCphoto wrote:

nighthiker wrote:


Please poste the pictures so that I know where I can get a new camera for free at night

If your equipment isn't too heavy and you have several camera set-ups you can 'deploy' them along the trail, camp at the last camera until sunrise and collect them on the way back. OK, that works only for single-nights. A safe camera location in daylight might have to be off-trail to prevent an un-intended change in ownership

The time laps is nice, but the flashlights are disturbing. Is it possible to remove them by copy & paste the foreground from 'dark' neighboring images?

The announced robotic head Polaris from Benro might be a solution for this kind of photography with auto-ramping (for automated 'holy grail'), weather proof, remote control by cellphone, 'thief protection' by GPS (OK, at least you know where the thief is).

Haha, how about you just join me on an adventure No need to "borrow" my equipment. I've been awake with my cameras because I am paranoid that someone will decide they need a new home.

I'm considering what sort of off trail paths I'll have to do. A lot of the places up that canyon that I'd be interested in aren't possible to get to yet because of the snow. In a couple months or so many more places will be accessible.

I might go back and remove the flashes, they were from cars lower down passing through the canyon. With the motion of the camera between frames, it wasn't as simple as masking out parts of the image. Should be doable with some work, but I just didn't feel like this sequence deserved it with the break in the middle.

I was really temped by Polaris, but I want to see some reviews first. Plus I just splurged to buy the Edelkrone set, and my wife might take issue when we are getting ready to close on our first house. If it lives up to their promises, I'll probably pick one up next spring in time for next milkyway season.

Joining? Sounds good, but I'm living on the other side in the land of the Vikings. I trust other nigh hikers and early birds - and have seen some from the distance, walking around my equipment for curiosity - but wouldn't try that for a whole day next to a hiking trail. We have legal access nearly everywhere - even onto private ground with certain limitations - so it's easy to find a hidden spot for long exposures.

Snow is an issue here, too. But the terrain was smoothed by the last ice-age, so I often have reasonable-good access on snow-shoes. Avalanches are nevertheless an issue.

I normally also do a quick test-processing and start the time-consuming final version only if I think that it's worth it.

Edelkrone? Very precise German stuff, but also heavy and expensive. I need it as light as possible for hiking, but also robust enough for my gear. I'm mostly interested in automated panos and there are now several competitors like Benro Polaris, the robotic Nodal Ninja pano head, Syrp, Edelkrone, Roundshot, ...

I agree, the problem with the Polaris is the lack of experience (I'm a backer), but that will change soon.

Last night I attached a simple monopod-head onto a macro rail to have a light non-parallax single-row pano-head for the Syrp genie mini which is an extreme light automated 'rotator' (250 g), but the light plastic casing might flex a bit under asymmetric load.

Good luck for your next timelaps!

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