R6 AF drives me crazy :/

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Re: R6 AF drives me crazy :/

Ouais wrote:


I'm using the R6 with a 150-600 sigma and I'm wondering why the AF keeps jumping on the branches nearby after it locked the bird successfully and of course, just before I shoot?


bird out of focus, nothing complicated though in this scene


- face recognition + tracking

- subject: animals

- eye detection (I switch on/switch off. Seems to get the same results, but when it can detect the eye, it focuses on the eye)

- continuous AF : off

- servo AF with tracking sensitivity -2 (it was maybe -1 or 0 on this picture), accel/decel tracking 0 (it was maybe +1 on this picture)

- initial servo AF pt for face + tracking

What I notice is that it focuses first on the bird because I point the central AF point on it, locks it for a while but suddenly jumps to the branches.

Some recommendations?

Btw, I've noticed from some YT videos that people recommend to use AF spot by default, use the shutter button only for shooting and they use the AF button to engage the AF and another button to engage eye detection.

I do the contrary : setup by default face detection with eye detection and AF button for AF spot if needed.

Similar to what they do, I tried to have the shutter button for AF and shooting and AF button for engaging the eye detection. But when I try to do that, as I keep pressing the shutter button, the AF button is not taken into account.

Eye AF is great, but not magic.  The bird in this photo is too small in the frame.  You have a gray bird in a gray tree that takes up a tiny portion of the frame.  If the bird had filled up lets say 50% of the frame, it would've locked on right away.  Setup dual back button focus so you have the option of spot focus when you can't get close enough.

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