Help choose new camera, D780, Z6II, etc.

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Re: Help choose new camera, D780, Z6II, etc.

Anton N wrote:

Hello members of DP Review,

I am using for a while my wife camera (Nikon d5200) and love photography.

It's time to get my own camera and I don't have a lot of experience with other cameras and differences with Nikon vs Canon vs Sony vs etc.

Right now looking for mostly Nikon D780. Not sure if there any sense go with mirrorless, what I read from other threads, Nikon doesn't have good fundaments to the mirrorless camera.

Camera going to use in traveling, event photoshoot and landscape.

Budget not above ~$5000 (body + lens(es)) and will have this camera for next 5-8 years.



As mentioned, the DSLR era is gone. The plus side is that if you buy used you can get an excellent camera like the D850 and lenses at very good prices (or a Canon equivalent), the downside is that Nikon and Canon are putting their resources on mirrorless and will probably only launch a few new DSLRs at premium prices to support existing users (like the Nikon F6 for film), but they will probably do it for 10-20 years.

Mirrorless has many advantages: focus points in the entire area, AF on the sensor and no need to fine tune AF because the AF sensor is below the mirror, EVF shows what you will get and it's better in low light than the pentaprism, short flange distance which allows better lens design in the wide to short-tele range, IBIS, much better video, more compact cameras.

The high volume/low profit market of the APS-C camera with kit lens dropped due to smartphones and the main manufacturers are betting mostly in full frame (24x36 mm), so don't expect as many lenses for APS-C as in the past. If you want to buy APS-C the best option is probably Fuji, but an equivalent lens in terms of angle of view and depth of field and light gathering costs and weighs about the same (e.g. 50 f1.8 in FF is equivalent to 35 f1.2 in APS-C).

Most of the money in a system goes for the lenses and lenses will probably see two or three cameras in their lifetime, so I would start by looking at the performance of the lenses that were released and what is on the roadmap. Sony has an advantage here because they have an open specification and there are many options from third party manufacturers.

I think you are wrong when saying that "Nikon doesn't have good fundaments to the mirrorless camera.". On the camera side Nikon cameras are currently behind Canon and Sony in AF for fast tracking of erratic subjects, but in every other aspect they are as good or better than the competition. The current AF is good for most situations, but if you need very fast AF tracking then it's better to get a Sony a9 or a1, or maybe a Canon R5 will do. On the lens side Nikon decided to make f1.8 S (equivalent to the F-mount gold ring) prime lenses instead of f1.4s to make them more compact and they are excellent, the S f2.8 zoom trinity is excellent and as good or better than Canon and Sony equivalents, the f4 S zooms are excellent as well.

AF tracking using the sensor is challenging because there are many more points from where to read. The success is the combination of three factors: AF algorithms, processing power and sensor readout speed. AF computation will improve in every manufacturer and is upgradable via firmware but of the two remaining factors the bottleneck is probably in the readout speed and that is improved with stacked sensors. Sony uses stacked sensors on the a9 and a1, Canon will use on the R3 and Nikon on the Z9, but with time they will probably start to be used on lower-price cameras. However, fast AF tracking isn't really important except for sports and some wildlife.

If you shoot jpeg, colours depend on the camera's raw converter. Sony colours aren't as good as Nikon's or Canon's. If you shoot raw doesn't matter but it will be more difficult to get good results from Fuji X-Trans sensors.

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