Mi 11 Ultra unable to handle night street lighting?

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Mi 11 Ultra unable to handle night street lighting?

I saw this video today and was a bit disappointed.

The X60 Pro was handling the night street lighting much better.

I have seen in other reviews too, that in spite of the GN2 sensor having the largest dynamic range, night lights are frequently blown out.
The final pics are not so good in spite of having a sensor that is 5 times the size of pixel 5 or iphone 12.

It looks like a software issue. But I don't know if Xiaomi will address this.

Even with its past premium phones like Mi 10, Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 11 etc. they have never quite improved the camera software that much to overtake samsung/apple/google flagships, even though technically their hardware is often much superior.
There are so many inconsistencies with the photo you get.

With the Mi 11 Ultra I see:
# Photos look a bit bleaker/flatter/duller/hazy (lacks the pop)
# Colors such as red, yellow, blue are off many times.
# Night lighting in streets, neon signs get blown out easily.
# Details are softer (esp. at night and even in the day).
# Sometimes there is a heavy yellow tint/cast on night photos looking artificially bright.
# Camera snapping animations are laggy.

I currently have a Pixel 2XL,
So should I wait for the Pixel 6 OR go in for the Mi 11 Ultra?
My main interest is in the camera (inc. UWA and Zoom and other features).
I wanted something that will be a huge upgrade over my Pixel2XL.
But looking at the photos, it seems to go back and forth, in spite of having a sensor 5 times the size.

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