Help choose new camera, D780, Z6II, etc.

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Re: Help choose new camera, D780, Z6II, etc.

Anton N wrote:

Thank you for reply. I am not sure about lenses yet. I never heard about crop sensor one, I need do some research.

crop sensor camera is one with the sensor smaller than what is called a "full frame" sensor 36x24mm. your wife's d5200 is a crop sensor camera with so called aps-c sensor size 23.5x15.6mm (aps-c from canon is slightly smaller). there is also a slightly smaller popular crop format called micro four thirds (or mft). do some research online regarding crop factor and what it means.

smaller sensor requires smaller camera body to house it and lenses with smaller image circle to cover it which may result in a smaller overall system and often cheaper than a full frame equivalent. however, you are giving up light gathering area of the sensor so there are trade-offs in low light performance and dynamic range.

are you happy with images the d5200? is there any particular area you would want to improve upon?

For first set of lenses I thought to search for a very good one what using usually for events or travel and after that moving more to portrait/landscape ones. Do you think Nikon mirrorless more mature now? What about viewfinder, it's still make sense to use viewfinder with z6II or better just use display?

what kind of events do you have in mind? which lenses are you using with the d5200?

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