Look ma, I'm on a waiting list ... for a Z 7 II :-)

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A Boring $3K Burn

csn wrote:

[I] almost broke down and bought a Z 6 II body last weekend (my LCS had one, and only one, for sale) but instead, I added myself to the waiting list for a Z 7 II.

As much as I would like to have a Z 8 in the near future, based on the way things have been going with Nikon (in the era of MILC), I think, my best bet for the foreseeable future is the Z 7 II. Keeping my fingers crossed that firmware updates will fix AF-C tracking.

I wonder, how many months is it going to take to actually get one? And, will I be able to get the vertical grip and batteries with it?

Hmmm, so many questions ...

Starting with why "your best bet" is a camera body you'd written off only two weeks ago as "an act of desperation on Nikon's part," a technological instance of "slapping lipstick on a pig."

At the very least you're demonstrating the world's most boring way to toss around three grand like it ain't no thang: buy a high-end camera body you believe is fundamentally flawed for your purposes and behind the tech curve the day you unbox it, hedging that its manufacturer will "fix" it to your satisfaction at some indeterminate future date with a firmware update they haven't given any indication whatsoever of offering.

It feels like the real question you'll be sitting on for the duration is this: why would Nikon offer a "fix" for AF-C tracking capabilities that neither they nor any credible reviewers believe are "broken"?

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