Canon FD adapter: K&F issues

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Re: Canon FD adapter: K&F issues

Aoi Usagi wrote:

FD adapters seem to have the most issues. The lock - open switch is very confusing for new users. Be sure to mount the lens with the "Lock" text aligned to the red index dot on the lens. This is true for both breech lock and FDn bayonet hybrid mount. Once mounted, turn the Lock-Open ring towards "Lock". The "open" text should now be somewhat lined up to the red dot (breech mount), as shown below.

Other issues may be that some third party lenses have slightly longer or thicker stop down levers making it bind.

This is a photo of the adapter in the correct position have it has been properly mounted.

That photo is a little confusing, I hope this one is clearer. The markings on the adapter are really confusing as the arrows would have been better placed outside the words rather than being a double headed arrow between them.

The stop down lever (3) moves to the right as seen from the camera end to stop the lens down. That means you have to rotate the control ring fully clockwise (in the direction of the arrow pointing to the word OPEN) before you mount the lens so that the internal prong can push lever (3) in the right direction. Once the lens is mounted you turn the ring fully anti-clockwise (in the direction of the arrow pointing to the word LOCK) to stop the lens down. Simple, except that it puts the word OPEN nearest the focus index when it's stopped down and the word LOCK nearest it when it's unlocked to allow you to engage the mechanism when mounting the lens.

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