A7iii user going to A9ii (external observations) RRS - fyi

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A7iii user going to A9ii (external observations) RRS - fyi

SO.... Just got the A9ii.. I sold the A7iii and battery grip... Looks like the A9ii, A1 and A7R IV all use that same grip and at least at B&H are on backorder now.

If you are a RRS user with the A7iii you had to remove the battery door, then attach the RRS base plate. That base plate had a way to click in the battery door of the A7iii.

The A9ii you don't have to do that. The base plate is taller I guess the way to describe it nice plus.

With the battery grip it looks like you do have to remove the door since the grips electronics are inside the cameras battery chamber. Have not tried but the locking clip is not on the battery door of the A9ii like it is with the A7iii

I like the deeper grip

I like having the extra Memory Recall. A7iii has just two.

I like the direct access to the drive dial

I think the battery door is sturdier than the A7iii,

The SD card door does not feel like the door could fall off like it does on the A7iii if you knock it the wrong way.. The A9ii door has more throw when open than the A7iii i feel. More room for the phalanges   (its scientific, lol)

I like they include a battery charger in the box. BIG plus. The A7iii you have to buy one if you want to... and ya kinda need to...

I might have my memory wrong but I like Sony included a hot shoe cover. I dont think Nikon does that and I feel Fuji X does not either... Its been a while if my memory is good or not... lol

Being forced to do the FW updates via cable at least it is a USB on the other side I assume I can use my Apple iPad charging block or other USB type ?? The A7iii included all of that. However the A7iii charging block at least at B&H is discontinued So dont lose it! As of today anyway


I have two nit picks with Sony at least speaking about the A7iii and A9ii.

  1. When I shot Nikon the base of the camera body has the electronic pins connection whatever you want to call it to screw in the grip right to the bottom of the camera via the tripod screw etc.
  2. Firmware updates should be done with the memory card rather than tethering the camera.
  3. the locking dials are fine, but they should have made the same clickable lock / unlock like the exposure comp dial vs having to hold the button to turn. I like it, Butttt !
  4. the locking pins of the battery door I think are plastic and always had me feel iffy about durability.

I wish the menus could be updated with firmware ?? unless that is something to do with the processor or something more technical,,, oh well...


I have a a version 3.0 update to do on the A9ii as it shipped with v2

Sony a1 Sony a7R
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